Logan's Run Collection

The 40th anniversary of The 1976 Classic Logan's Run seems to have brought many screen used items out of hiding. "Yes, Hiding".

This was my first acquisition a few years back.
I got a deal on it since being signed "hurt" the value. Although autographed by Michael (Logan 5) York,
I don't think it's actually one of his. Although new evidence leads me to believe this is a Hero uniform, but not a "named" one.

This one is new to me acquired just after the 40th anniversary.
Funny thing is it used to belong to my good friend Max, He sold it 15 years ago, and I got it from his buyer. Small world Logan fandom.
This one is made from the same pattern as the first but not as well. Not every edge is over-locked, or each seam bound.

My guess is this was a background or stunt costume, Which is perfect for me now I can display one, and keep one safe in the dark.
But the best part is the Max costume came with a belt (unobtainable).


So here it is, my screen used Logan's Run Sandman costume.
Yes, the gun too.

If anyone has a lead on a screen used follower, any condition, I'm buying...


More to come.
Stay Tuned.