Dropping in the Engine

I started to tear down the engine myself. When I saw all the lock wire and that weird Archimedes screw oil seal thing, I took engine and transmission in to be rebuilt by a professional. Good choice.


Is this a cool shot, or what? I decided to change to a 4-speed gearbox
since they are supposed to drive so much better. I got a "good deal".


I pulled the front wheels off to lower the front end.
This way I'd have to lift the Engine & Tranny less.
Don't do this alone ( I didn't), and get one of
those engine angle/tilt things. It took us three tries
to get the angle right. This picture is try #1
I didn't look this jolly by the time we were done.


Another cool shot. Now it was off to the body shop. I did it in this order
so I wouldn't have to put the engine in over a freshly painted aluminum shroud.

Body & Paint