The Cape

On a trip to England, my wife and I rented a car and headed out to
Warwick to try and find some of the historic Healey spots.
After asking for directions, and a little luck, we found these:

Here is what's left of the Cape Works, the place where it all began.

Along this road there used to be a row of garages where vehicles like
Austin Healeys and Triumph Motorcycles were built
after WWII. If only we could look back 40 years.


The Pub

This is the Pub where the 'guys' used to hang out after a hard day slaving over Healeys. This is a nice Pub and one of the local Healey clubs meets there every once in a while. Can you imagine if I had walked up to this place with a bunch of Healeys in the parking lot! Anyway, I lifted a pint to the Boys of Healey and went on my way.



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