Off to the Paint Shop,
but first...

I had to re-hang all of the body panels. The paint shop didn't trust Shop#2.
"We don't know if they know what they are doing, so we have to check it"
I was going to paint it myself. I'm an OK painter, but with all the money
I already had into the car I really wanted it to look good.

"I wanted to do it right, didn't I?"

By the way, the paint shop re-did the trunk fix again.

The paint shop gave me the frame back first, then the body panels one at a time,
so I was able to completely assemble and start the engine before installing the panels.
Note the temporary oil pressure gauge mounted on the left.


After I finished assembly the paint guy came over and did the final polish.

This photo does not do the car justice. After around eight coats of paint
and tons of polishing the car came out better than new. Way better.

How can I put any old parts back on this beauty? So I ended up re-chroming,
repainting, reconditioning, or just plain replacing every single component.

Every single one!