The Welding

As long as they are cutting the car apart the Shop guys said I might as well pull the suspension, and have it re-worked too.

I finally had to admit it:
I'm doing the dreaded "Frame Up" restoration!


New Sill.
Actually the guy only did the outside edge. The weld on the corner
was invisible when done, a very nice job.


Here's the new cross member in place.
You could stick your finger into the holes in the old one.


Shop#2 Guy said that Shop#1 didn't know what they were doing,
so he re-did the trunk repair. (Note: It seems no matter what
the last shop did, they didn't know what they were doing. Ever.)
AND after all "you want to do it right, don't yah?"

Anyway at least it felt like I was going forward again.

Back in Black