How to make your R2 look used

This is how I made this.

Look like this. (it's dirtier in person)


Roll over above photo to see the change.

I used black acrylic water based paint. It wont damage your white or blue paint job.
This small bottle is enough for 2 R2's


Start with an extremely dry white paint job. No clear coat on mine.

Paint on a good coat of black with a brush that can get to the bottom of the grooves.

Immediately wipe off the paint with a damp rag. I used an old sock.

Then right away wipe again with a dry rag. Also a sock.

Last "polish" the white parts with a fine dry cloth. I used an old T-shirt.
Use a Q-tip to wipe some of the paint out of the groves.
This gives it a more used look and less like it was put there on purpose.

Next, doing the Dome


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