Brian's Screenwriting Page


I've written six feature-length scripts, here are four descriptions:
Solders of the future will wear powered body armor into combat on far off hostile worlds. These suits will have their own computerized personalities that take on the traits of their owners. Taylor is a green rookie who finds himself stuffed into a suit with the personality of a chiseled drill sergeant, just as they take on an alien army.
Download ACT I (29 pgs.)
An action lovers action script. Set in an eerie future at the end of the corporate wars. Jake Blake is the number one operative in the Army of the Black Night, until he is double crossed and set-up. Now he leads the anti-corporate rebels in a car smashing, machine gun shooting, battle to bring down The Corporation.
Download ACT I (32 pgs.)
Joe Riley was just an unemployed engineer with a failing marriage, until the day he finds his Dad's 1953 Atomic Captain Zero costume and becomes a Comic Book Hero.
Download the "Joe and his sidekick Andy find the suit, scene" (13 pgs.)
A classic Science Fiction story for the more budget minded Producer. A crusty starship captain takes a rusty plasma-ship on a mysterious journey to the Planet of Darkness. The Planet where the war with a strange race ended, and ghost-like signals from a dead hero now emanate.
Download the climatic space battle (9 pgs.)
I also write other fiction and storyline documents:
This is a universe outline written for a game development company to launch a franchise series of games. This is a bible of how the universe will unfold.
Download whole document (3 pgs.)
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